In 5.9, amd64 and i386 are supported. In 5.6 and 5.8, only amd64 was supported.

No. We’re trying to get it approved, though.

Because LibertyBSD is extremely similar to OpenBSD, you should look at OpenBSD’s announcements. Most of the problems described therein will apply to LibertyBSD, and can be fixed using the provided patches. If a vulnerability that applies to LibertyBSD, but not OpenBSD, is found, a notice will be provided on the LibertyBSD webpage.

In 5.6, all of the manpages except those for xenocara were removed due to concerns over the FSF’s guidelines for free system distributions. In 5.8+, we made an effort to keep most of the manpages. You shouldn’t notice any missing.

Make a post in the forum. Alternatively, if you prefer IRC, you can find us on #libertybsd on freenode. If that fails, try the [subreddit[( Finally, if that also fails, send me an email.

You’ll find it in ‘src.tar.gz’, ‘sys.tar.gz’, and ‘xenocara.tar.gz’ here. Other sources can be found here.

Please, tell us immediately! File a bug-report here, and tell us on IRC at #libertybsd! Thanks. :)

No, mate. LibertyBSD and OpenBSD are two different projects; unless you can reproduce the bug in OpenBSD, please-please-please don’t bother them! Bother us instead. :p

As of LibertyBSD 5.9, the tree is deblobbed at release and there is an official package repository. The ports tree for 5.8 was deblobbed by Ali Abdul Ghani and Jade Levesque (‘alimiracle’ and ‘jadedctrl’ on the Trisquel forums). The ports tree for 5.6 was deblobbed by alimiracle. You can get it here.