This page contains a collection of LibertyBSD art submitted by members of the LibertyBSD community. If you have some art that you would like to share, then just send me an email with the art and your preferred libre license, and I’ll put it up here!

Estanislao's Star Logo

A star logo by Estanislao Perez Rosso in a nice, sketchy aesthetic. Licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0.

Spencer Jung's Fish

Flying fish mascot for LibertyBSD! Created by Spencer Jung, under the CC 1.0 Universal.

Spencer + Lao, Fishstar

Spencer’s flying fish mascot with Estanislao’s star on it.

Anthk's Clean Logo
Anthk's Alt Logo

anthk’s logo + alternate form. Lookin’ nice, clean aesthetic! CC 1.0 Universal.

Current, Regular Logo
Current, in-star Logo
Current Text Logo
Current Top-Logo

Our current logos by Estanislao! Mate, don’t these just look great? 10/10, <3. CC BY-SA 4.0.